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Sensei Manuel deSa

8th degree Black Belt
Shihan - Master Instructor

Welcome to Kenyukai Koshukai 2023!

It feels so good to finally say that and to know that we will all be training and socializing together in one place with Grandmaster Shinjo and his Okinawa teaching team.  We are planning and working hard to provide everyone with an enriching and worthwhile experience.  Before anything I must thank the team of volunteers and sponsors, led by Sensei Janet Vranas, for their tireless effort and dedication as we prepare for this event.

   As the premier Uechi Ryu event in North America,  I am confident that, whether this is your first Koshukai or another one of many, with all the training, tournaments, demonstrations, and social events planned there is something for everyone to enjoy.

 Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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